Illinois Petition Drive 2016

In Illinois, candidates must collect petition signatures to get on voters’ ballots. Our statewide candidates will need 40,000 signatures to not only get on the ballot, but to stay there. Ballot Access: Not all it’s cracked up to be (PDF)

All those signatures must be collected between March 29 and June 20. If we fail, our candidates’ campaigns will be over and we will lose the opportunity to spread the libertarian message across Illinois during Election 2016.

Helping our candidates get on the ballot is the most important activism we do as a party. More information about ballot access in Illinois is available in our Petition Drive Overview (PDF).

A Quick Note About Our Candidates

  • President: Listed as Lex Green, State Chair of LPIL, he was put on the petition as a placeholder. Our nominee is really Gary Johnson. This is a legal substitution since our petition period began before the convention.
  • VP: Listed as Jasen Howard, as a placeholder for William Weld, the Libertarian VP candidate.
  • US Senate: Kent McMillen - visit Kent's website for more info
  • IL Comptroller: Claire Ball - visit Claire's website for more info
  • Electors: In the event our candidate wins the state, these people will cast their electoral votes

How you can help

1. Collect signatures

It’s easy to gather signatures: ask friends and family, walk around your neighborhood, or visit popular spots, like train stations and community events. Watch the videos or read the instructions to learn more.

Get started today! Download:

2. Donate to the drive

One petition page contains 15 signature lines. For every signature we cannot get through volunteer efforts, we’ll pay an average of $2.00. So a $40 donation sponsors 1 petition page.

Reaching our goal will require over 2,800 individually collected, notarized, counted, and delivered petition pages, so please give generously today.

3. Volunteer

There are several other ways you can help:

  • Illinois is a big state. We need local coordinators to organize petition distribution and collection in their areas.
  • If you are a current, registered notary in Illinois, your assistance is invaluable to notarize completed petitions.
  • If you live near Chicago or Springfield, we need detail-minded people to compare petition signatures to records at the State Board of Elections.

With your help, every person in Illinois will be able to vote Libertarian in Election 2014.

If you have any questions or would like to volunteer, please contact our Ballot Access Director, Krysta Walker, today at 541-240-9313 or Otherwise, please show your support by donating to the drive.

The petition drive has begun and ends the third week of June, we need you to make it a success.

Easiest way to help

If 2,000 Libertarians across the state just got one petition sheet filled out we would complete the petition drive quickly and it would be free.

STEP 1: Download the 2016 Petition sheet.

STEP 2: Collect 15 signatures including yours (from registered voters in IL).

STEP 3: Get your petition sheet(s) notarized at your local bank for free.

STEP 4: Mail your completed and notarized sheet to:
Ballot Access
PO BOX 5324
Bloomington, IL 61702