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LP Illinois News - May 2008 #2

Barr/Root Win the Libertarian Nomination

At the Libertarian Party National Convention last weekend, our Party was fortunate to have an amazing number of great candidates to choose from for our President and Vice President nominees. The finalists were: Bob Barr, Mike Gravel, Mike Jingozian, Steve Kubby, George Phillies, Wayne Root, Mary Ruwart, and Christine Smith.

The Libertarian message was expertly delivered by all the candidates in the Presidential Debate televised live on CSPAN. A recording of the debate is available on the CSPAN.com website.

After six rounds of increasingly exciting voting, the membership selected former U.S. Congressman Bob Barr as our U.S. President candidate. Wayne Root, who was endorsed by Bob, was then selected as our candidate for Vice President after two rounds of voting.

You can learn more about Bob and Wayne and read their stands on a variety of issues by visiting the campaign websites BobBarr2008. com and RootForAmerica. com. Those interested in the vote totals for each round can find them on the National website, LP.org.

More about the Libertarian National Convention

Your Illinois Delegation was led by our State Chair, Val Vetter, and also represented by Debra Aaron, Bill Baruth, Damon Dillon, Julie Fox, Ken Groeling, Lisa Groeling, Steve Hellin, Fran Holt, John Howell, David Hughes, John Jascob, Crystal Jurczynski, Maggie Kohls, Don Parrish, Kathleen Polizzi, Samantha Polizzi, Bill Stephens, Jason Thompson, Jim Waldron, Robert Warden, and Jeff Wartman. Their service to the Party is appreciated.

The Libertarian Party platform was completely revamped, providing us a more streamlined and well-rounded description of Libertarian positions. The new Libertarian platform is posted on the National website. Our thanks to John Howell, the Illinois representative on the Platform Committee.

The National Party is divided into geographic regions. The Libertarian Party of Illinois joined with other midwest states to form a new region at the convention. Joining us are Iowa, Nebraska, North Dakota, Minnesota, Missouri, South Dakota, and Wisconsin. Our own Julie Fox volunteered to be our Regional Representative to the Libertarian National Committee (LNC) and Jake Porter, from Iowa, is our Alternate Representative.

More info and pictures from the convention can be found on our website, LPIllinois.org.

Will You be Able to Vote Libertarian in November?

To get our candidates for U.S. President, Vice, President, and Senate on the ballot in Illinois, election law requires us to provide 25,000 valid signatures to the Illinois Election Board by June 23. With the strength of the Barr/Root ticket, we have increased our collection goal to 50,000 raw signatures so that we can fend off any challenge to our petitions.

To reach that goal we must collect 1,000 signatures per day, every day, between now and June 22. We have paid petitioners across the state working to make it happen, but we need your help.

There are only a few weeks left between now and the end of the drive. The last weekend for general signature collection is June 14 & 15, because those signatures must then be notarized and sent to Springfield the week of June 16, typically by mail, so they can arrive by the 20th, and be numbered, copied, and assembled into our filling by June 22nd.  

Now is the time to get those signatures and get them notarized and turned in. The petition form* and all instructions are available on our website, LPIllinois.org on the Petition Drive page.

* Please note: even though Bob Barr and Wayne Root are now the Libertarian President and Vice President candidates, we cannot change our petition form. Illinois election law requires all of our petitions to be exactly the same. We will file paperwork to replace the President/VP candidate names later in the process.

More Petitioning Tips

Fran Holt recommends we go to the races. Doesn't matter if it's NASCAR, a horse race, or a 5K run, registered voters are there. You can collect signatures outside a track or along the street.

Ken Prazak recommends that at a gun show, tell people that our U.S. Senate candidate, Larry Stafford, is running against Dick Durbin. Julie Fox reports "that's all it took for many to grab the clipboard out of my hand to sign."

Impact on the Presidential Race

According to a Fox Business segment on May 27, Bob Barr, although just nominated, is already polling at 6%. There's no doubt that the Barr candidacy will make a huge impact on the presidential race. The momentum will build from now to November. How high he can go depends on each of us.

Getting the Barr/Root ticket on the ballot in Illinois is crucial, not only so we can personally vote Libertarian and provide that option to the people of Illinois, but also to demonstrate the credibility of the Libertarian Party. Obtaining ballot access displays publicly the strength of the Libertarian Party as pitted against the power of the Ds and Rs, who write the laws to try to keep us off the ballot.

In addition to many volunteers collecting signatures in Illinois, there are more than a dozen professional petitioners hired to get us the bulk of the 50,000 signatures we need for ballot access. Can they collect enough signatures to get us on the ballot? Only if we collect enough money to pay them.

Please support the ballot access drive in Illinois by mailing your check today to: Libertarian Party of Illinois, P.O. Box 1605, Chicago, IL 60690-1605. You can also donate securely though our website, LPIllinois.org.

Our donations are still being matched by the Libertarian National Committee, so every $1 you contribute brings $2.50 to the drive. A $500 donation is actually worth $1250 and a $100 donation brings us $250. Please give as generously as you can, so we can keep the signatures coming in.

We are at a crossroad in history. The Democrats and the Republicans have failed the American people too many times. We're fighting unnecessary wars, paying prices hiked by counter-productive government policies, and losing more of our precious liberties every day. Americans are searching for a better choice than the Parties of failure that brought us to this point. They are finding the Libertarian Party.

But there's no time to waste. All the signatures we can muster will be delivered to the Illinois Elections Board on June 23rd. Please give today and take your part in the Libertarian movement, the next step being ballot access in Illinois.

Multiply your contribution by calling or emailing your friends and family. Ask them to take their part in rebuilding our great nation. Ask them to donate to our petition drive. Feel free to copy the text of this article and recycle it for your own outreach. Thank you.

Libertarian Activism

Dianna Visek, Chair of the Champaign County Libertarians, told us about the benefits of working to gain greater transparency in government operations:

"Transparency is a fabulous issue. It's one that most people resonate with and understand immediately. At its township meeting, Champaign voted to put the transparency issue on the November ballot. In Urbana, the Democratic leadership prevented it from even getting on the township meeting agenda."

"At the end of the Urbana meeting, the Mayor told one of our folks that she didn't want transparency because there were sensitive expenditures that she didn't want the public to know about! As a result, we've decided to pursue transparency full tilt. I wrote a guest commentary for our local paper that talked about what happened in both cities and how the voice of the people in Urbana was squelched. We intend to keep bringing up issues to encourage someone to challenge the Mayor in next April's municipal elections."

Kudos to the Champaign Libertarians. Send your activism work to News@LPIllinois. org so we can spark even more action.

More Libertarian Activities

You are invited to join the DuPage Libertarians at the Kane County Cougars baseball game on June 14th. Enjoy family entertainment and the company of your fellow Libertarians. The game starts at 6 p.m. and is followed by a fantastic fireworks show. It's $25 for great seats and proceeds benefit Libertarian outreach. Parking is free. For tickets, call Jim Waldron at (630) 717-1830.

The Fox Valley Libertarians will be participating in the Elgin Independence Day Parade on July 4th. This is a fun opportunity to get the message of liberty to the public. For more information contact Julie Fox at jfox1214@sbcglobal. net or at 847-528-1126.

Kenneth John will have Bill Redpath, Chair of the Libertarian Party, on the Freedom Rings radio show, WRMN 1410 AM out of Elgin on Monday, June 2nd. They will discuss the national convention and the Libertarian Party candidates for President / VP.  The show runs every Monday from 9 – 10 a.m. You can listen live or through the website www.FreedomRings. net.

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