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Leader Resources

The following are offered to help Libertarian Leaders grow a local chapter and promote liberty in their communities. Questions, suggestions, or documents to share can be sent to our Membership Chair.

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Outreach Materials

These documents can be used to promote libertarian ideas:

LPI Brochure.pdf

Sensible Center (Left vs. Right) Flyer.pdf

An Introduction to Libertarianism.doc

Wanted: Economic Gardeners.pub, .pdf

Libertarians for Peace Sign.pub, pdf

Peace Flyer.pub, pdf


The Advocates sell The World's Smallest Political Quiz cards and posters.

You can purchase the popular "New Visions" brochure as well as buttons, bumper stickers, books, and more at LPStuff.com.

Educational pamphlets on over 35 libertarian topics can be purchased from the International Society for Individual Liberty.

Chapter Marketing

Local Chapters can promote themselves with the following:

Business Card Meeting Invite.pub , pdf

Guest Welcome Letter.doc

Officer Business Cards.pub, doc, pdf

Chapter Banner.pub, pdf

Chapter Brochure.pub, pdf

Bumper sticker (Stop War).pdf, psd , pub

Buttons.pdf, vsd

Sign (How Often Does Gov Do a Good Job).vsd, Sign (Property Rights).doc

Signs for OPH Booth.pub, pdf

Signs (Quotes).pdf

Chapter Management

These documents can help your Chapter run more effectively and efficiently:




Labels contact us.doc

Labels return address.doc

Mailing event followup.doc

Mailing meeting invite.doc

Membership card.pub, pdf

Membership form.doc

Officers and chairs.doc

Newsletter Samples.pdf: #1 #2 #3

There are also a number of articles on the national website that can help local Chapters:

Program Ideas

Strong Libertarian Chapters have meeting topics that draw attendees. Here are a few resources that can help.


The LPI maintains a list of Illinois libertarians who will speak to Chapters and other community groups at no charge. The list is published on the State Organizing Committee (SOC) Yahoo Group. If you do not have access to the SOC Group, contact our Membership Chair for the most current list or to volunteer to be on the list. Topics on our Speaker's List include:

Other liberty-minded organizations that have speakers available are:

These organizations may have speaking fees and expect to be reimbursed for travel expenses. Be sure to ask if there is a fee or "honorarium" expected and if any other expenses are involved.

Another source of speakers is local colleges and universities. Some have speakers' bureaus that you can find on their websites.

Don't overlook local talent. Your Chapter or someone in your local community may be a leader of a anti-tax, anti-war, anti-eminent domain, or other libertarian-related movement. Don't hesitate to call them up and ask them to speak at your meeting. Everyone is flattered by being asked to present what they are passionate about.

Taped Presentations

We are collecting a library of audio and video presentations by great libertarians. If you would like to check one out or have one to add to the library, contact our Membership Chair.

There are more taped presentations, very reasonably priced, available from The Advocates website.


Here is a short list of movies with libertarian themes. You can build a meeting around viewing the movie and discussing it afterwards.

You can find reviews of many libertarian-themed movies in "Miss Liberty's Guide to Film and Video: Movies for the Libertarian Millennium" by Jon Osborne.

Roundtable Discussions

Here are some topics that other Libertarian Chapters have discussed at their meetings:

Outreach Booths

Many people learn about the Libertarian alternative at county fairs, festivals, and other local events.

Libertarian Chapters often organize event booths around the Operation Politically Homeless idea. This idea is that many people do not know what political party they should be affiliated with and they can find out by talking the World's Smallest Political Quiz. You can purchase a Operation Politically Homeless Kit from The Advocates that contains many building blocks for your booth.

Also, the Libertarian Party of Illinois has a number of brochures on various topics available at no charge for Chapters. Contact our office for more info.

If it's your first time setting up a booth, you may want to volunteer with another Chapter and learn the ropes from seasoned Libertarians.


Libertarians exercise their right to protest harmful government actions, like:

Other Activities

Your group may also enjoy:

If you have additional activities to suggest, send them to our webmaster.

Help is Available

Illinois Libertarians enjoy helping each other spread the message of liberty. If you are looking for help or would like to volunteer, contact the State Official closest to your area of interest.