If you love Liberty and Peace, you've come to the right place. The Libertarian Party is the only political party that fights for all of your rights, all of the time.

The mission of the Libertarian Party of Illinois is to elect Libertarians to public office, and to move public policy in the Libertarian Direction. We believe that everyone owns themselves and that no beaureaucrat knows better than you what you need or want. When peaceful people engage in voluntary cooperation, the most number of people are served.

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Ballot Access Shootout Fundraiser

The "Ballot Access Shootout" will be hosted by the McLean County Libertarian Party on behalf of the entire Libertarian Party of Illinois. Please come out and support our 2018 petition drive and meet libertarians from all over the state. The event will be held at C.I. Shooting Sports in Bloomington, IL Friday, September 29th from 6:00pm to 8:30pm

Most of the 2018 Libertarian candidates will be in attendance at the event. Meet and greet the candidates for Governor, Comptroller and Secretary of State. Enjoy a night at the shooting range with fellow libertarians supporting a great cause. The fundraiser will be a big step towards giving millions of Illinois voters a real choice next year.

Event tickets can be purchased online: Buy Your Event Tickets Here!

We will also be selling gun raffle tickets for our fundraiser on Friday, September 29th at C.I. Shooting Sports in Bloomington/Normal.

Could Illinois use the Liberty Advantage?

Illinois has the largest pension liability, the worst credit rating, and the most units of government in all the 50 states.

The state has foreclosure and unemployment rates that are consistently among the worst in the nation.

Meanwhile, establishment politicians make time to control your life, banning incandescent light bulbs and worrying about e-cigarettes and big gulps.

It is time for a change in Illinois politics.

Contact us and let us know what interests you about liberty