We Are On The Ballot!

Claire Ball for Illinois Comptroller (left), Kent McMillen for US Senate (center left), Gary Johnson for US President (right center), William Weld for US Vice President (right)
On Monday June 27th, the Libertarian Party of Illinois turned in 53,000 signatures on 4,500 pages. More than twice the required amount for third parties and more than 10 times what is required of a Republican or Democrat in Illinois. As of Tuesday, July 5th, the window for issuing a challenge has officially closed meaning we are on the ballot this November!

Some interesting statistics:

  • The bound stack presented at the State Board of Elections was 19 inches tall
  • It weighed more than 45 pounds
  • The sheets laid end to end would stretch the length of almost 14 football fields
  • More than 3/4 of a Mile or 1.25 Kilometers!

These are more than interesting facts, they represent the lengths (no pun intended) that we as a party must go to in order to secure our place on the ballot. A place we must fight tooth and nail for every single time because the entrenched powers that be make the rules that keep them in power. This year, people are waking up to the options that are out there. The only reason we are on the ballot is the hard work and dedication of volunteers who sacrificed time, money, sleep, and nights better spent with family to make the future a better place for them. The volunteers who came from out of state on their own who collected. The donors who reached into their wallets to fund the work of petitioners. The crew who drove down on the last weekend to bind and validate the last push of petitions. The endless phone calls fielded by our long-suffering ballot access director and state chair. We couldn't have gotten there without you!

Meet Our Candidates

The 2016 campaign season is now in full swing! Visit our campaign page to meet the Libertarians who are seeking election.

Campaigning For You

Claire Ball for IL Comptroller (right), Matthew Skopek (center) , and Brian Lambrecht, Chair of the DuPage Libertarians (rear)

Libertarians are Pro-You

Libertarians are traversing the state, looking to meet you. As supporters of the smallest minority: The Individual, we have been looking to touch base with as many of Illinois’ citizens as possible, from the Shawnee to Chicago.

Less of Us, More of You

The message we are sharing says: “Enough of the establishment’s robbing Peter to pay Paul.” We need to get the government out of the business of playing one group of people against another. It is time for policies of peace that protect every individual’s rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Choose the Libertarian Party

The Libertarian Party is the third-largest and fastest–growing political party in America. There are libertarian chapters in all 50 states and currently over 140 elected Libertarian officials – six of them right here in Illinois.Ed Rutledge for IL Lt. Governor (left) & Julie Fox for IL Comptroller (right) 2010

Americans want, and deserve, a political system which respects them as unique individuals, as people who can make their own plans, who take responsibility for themselves, who are compassionate, and who can generally solve their own problems.

Libertarians are practical – we know we can’t make the world perfect – but it can be a lot better.

The Libertarian Party is the only political party that is working to dramatically reduce unrestrained government spending, taxes, debt, regulations, bureaucracies, and wars, both foreign and domestic.

Could Illinois use the Liberty Advantage?

Illinois has the largest pension liability, the worst credit rating, and the most units of government in all the 50 states.

The state’s foreclosure and unemployment rates are consistently among the worst in the nation.

Meanwhile, establishment politicians make time to control your life, banning incandescent light bulbs and worrying about e-cigarettes and big gulps.

It’s time for a change in Illinois politics.

Call to patriots

We believe Illinois is ready for a fresh approach. If you do: Matthew Skopek for IL Treasurer 2014

Contact us and let us know what interests you about liberty